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For PWoD’s: What It Feels Like

A Question that I seem to get a lot is “what does it feel like?”  It can be low, high, regular blood sugars, exercise or even just talking about diabetes.  This is a work in progress and please feel free to email/comment if you know of any posts that should be included here, or if there is category that should be included!  Please share and enjoy 🙂


Kerri Talks About What a Severe Low Feels Like

I Give you a Glimpse as to things that Happen When You’re Low


Kim (and George) Talk About the Symptoms & the Defeat

I talk about how even when you do everything right, diabetes still has a mind of it’s own

Kerri talks about how sluggish a high can make you feel

Talking About It

Melanie talks about Getting Defensive

Jacquie talks about Feeling Judged

Kerri talks about Why She Blogs & Why we Publish Personal Information


Kim (with the help of others) talks about What it is Like Living with & Using an Insulin Pump

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