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Blogs I Love

(In Alphabetical Order)

1 Little Prick
Katie, Type 1.5/LADA

Below Seven
Kelley, Type 1

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
Parent of Child with Type 1

Karen, Type 1

(Buzz, Buzz) Not My Cell
Brian, Type 1

Candy Hearts Blog
Wendy, Parent of a Child with Type 1 & Celiac

coffee & insulin
Sarah, Type 1

A Consequence of Hypoglycemia 
Chris, Type 1

D-Mom Blog
Leighann, Parent of Child w/Type 1

Death of a Pancreas
Joanne, Parent of a Child with Type 1

Kelly, Type 1

The Diabetic’s Corner Booth
Mike, Type 1

ever my heart
Lisa, Type 1

Every Day Ups and Downs
Mike, Type 1

The Girl with the Portable Pancreas
Stacey, Type 1

Insulin Pens Don’t Have Ink
Sarah, Type 1

Jeff Mather’s Dispatches 

The Loop by Medtronic

Mastering Me
Jess, Type 1

Me and D
Jess, Type 1

Moments of Wonderful
Sara, Type 1

My Diabetic Child
Lora, Parent of a Child with Type 1

My Diabetic Heart
Mike, Type 2

Nerdy April’s Space Adventures
April, Type 1

George, Type 1

Our Diabetic Life
Meri, Parent of 3 Children with Type 1

The Princess and the Pump
Hallie, Parent of Child with Type 1

Probably Rachel
Rachel, Type 1

The Pump and the Second Hand
Sara, Type 1

Scott’s Diabetes Journal
Scott, Type 1

See Jen Dance
Jen, Type 1

Six Until Me
Kerri, Type 1

Stick with it Sugar
Tina, Parent of 3 Children with Type 1

Strangely Diabetic
Scott, Type 1

Sarah, Type 1

Sweet Colleen
Colleen, Type 1

Sweet Victory
Marcus, Type 1

Sweetly Voiced
Melissa, Type 1

T1 Family
Tamara, Parent of a Child with Type 1, Spouse of a Type 1

Sean, Type 1, Parent of a Child with Type 1

Tales of SWAGing
Ashley, Type 1.5/LADA

The Tangerine Diabetic
Dave, Type 1

Texting My Pancreas
Kim, Type 1

Christel, Type 1

This is Caleb
Lorraine, Parent of Child with Type 1

Trained by Insulin
Bram, Type 1

Unexpected Blues
Heather, Type 1

Victoria Cumbow
Victoria, Type 1

With a Side of Insulin
Mer, Type 1

In no way, shape or form is this all the blogs out there.  These are some of the ones that I read, but that doesn’t mean that the others out there are any less valuable.  It’s just that I’m one person, and I can only read about so much diabetes at one time!  Please, go out and find the others, every person’s voice deserves to be heard.  

(In Alphabetical Order)

The Beauty Department

Camp Patton

Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Delighted Momma

Elm Street Life

Erstwhile dear

HaHas for HooHas

Hello Hue

Inspired by Charm




Turn Right at Lake Michigan

(haven’t published in over 1 year, May 2015)

Amber Cliff Notes
Amber, Type 1

Apartment 303

Arnold and Me
Holly, Type 1

Beginner’s Skillet

Blah Blah Bklyn
Karen, Type 1

Brian, Type 1, Parent of Child w/Type 1

Dex and the City
Melanie, Type 1

The Flying Onion 

Four Days to Two D
Laura, Parent of 2 Children with Type 1

The LD
Lauren, Type 1

Me With D
Bethany, Type 1

One Third of a Muffin
Rachel, Type 1

Paws. Love. Diabetes
Type 1

Pieces of My Life

Melissa, Type 1

Stevens Handmade

Sugar Kids
Donna, Parent of Child with Type 1

Type 1

Type 1

Type 1 Advocate Gramma
Grandparent of Child with Type 1

Typical Type 1
Jacquie, Type 1

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  1. March 29, 2016 8:39 PM

    So happy to have found this blog!

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