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August 22, 2018

Time, it’s a crazy thing. I realized that I can use it to my advantage though. Hear me out.

I have been working so freaking hard at lowering my A1C since April 2017 (fucking fuckity eye dilation/complication day). Something wasn’t working though. I was bouncing.

So I started pre-bolusing. Now, I’ve attempted this in the past and I almost never remembered to eat, or would just get too hungry/impatient. But I have not-diabetes tools that make life with diabetes MUCH easier!

See in the left bottom corner how there’s a little timer? Well, every time I bolus I open that up and hit the 10 minute choice. If it’s a high carb and/or fat meal, I’ll do 15 minutes. Now, it’s not perfect, but it has brought my post meal spikes way down. Sometimes I have things to do and I don’t even realize the time has passed. Sometimes I forget to pre-bolus so I sit with my food in front of me for 10 minutes. Sometimes I’m so hungry and so impatient that I pace in the kitchen waiting for the timer to go off. It is not an easy thing to pre bolus. It’s actually kinda really incredibly frustrating. But at this point it’s a habit for me and I’m so excited with the more level lines.

The other, almost more important, thing I’ve been doing is setting a timer for a BG correction bolus. See, when Christel shared Joslin’s link about stacking insulin on Facebook way back in April I read it. And I thought, I need to pay attention to that shit! I started with a correction bolus and then opened my handy alarm on my phone. I set it for three hours from the time I bolused. Basically, I told myself I was not allowed to take BG insulin until that thing had gone off. It was a difficult thing to do at first. I would watch my Dexcom line, especially as it went higher than my high alert line. It seriously took all the self control I had to not give myself more insulin. But then something started to happen; the up arrow would switch to flat and then to down and I am almost always back in target range when I’m ready to correct again. (Assuming all other ratios are correct, which they are not always.) Since I started doing this in April, there has been ONE time where I ignored the alarm and that’s when I had to change a kinked site.

My ridiculous lows started to lessen. I still had a few though, and the active insulin on my pump has a four hour time frame, so the alarm now gets set for 3 hours, 15 minutes from the time I corrected.

These days, lows tend to come more from exercise or longer walks than normal than from anything else. These might not be prescribed tools, but I honestly could not have flattened my lines without them.

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  1. August 22, 2018 8:40 PM

    I still have the issue of stacking, I hate highs and I am not afraid of lows. That is a bad combination for a stacking issue. Oh well- tomorrow.

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