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Holding On

August 9, 2017

The first diabetes memory I have with her is when I asked her to fix my tubing in my bathing suit at an inner tube water polo game. I barely knew anyone, but she was a nurse so she was the person I wanted to ask. It’s always been comfortable like that. 

A few weeks ago a bunch of my water polo friends and I went to Maine for a floating & drinking shenanigans weekend. It was fun; it was a mess; it was everything you’d expect during a weekend of shenanigans. I was woken up in the middle of Saturday night and I was not happy. But there was my nurse friend saying, “hey sweetie, you’re probably just asleep but I want to check your sugar.” We did, and it was high (not surprising), and then I went back to sleep. 

Last night we got dinner and were talking about it. She still remembers exactly what my BG was. It’s not every day that a friend comes along that I would completely hand over diabetes control to. But she’s one of them. Thank you for all the help you’ve always given me! 

Now if only I could convince you to move back to the northeast for good!

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