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Eighteen Months 

April 19, 2017

I always said I could never take a pump break. Lantus never seemed to work, so how could I possibly stop using one? But I did. A pump site fell out and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling of, “Yes! I’m done!” I thought I might take a month break. 

Eighteen months ago when a pump site fell out and my first thought was, “yes! I’m done!” I knew I needed a break. I never imagined my break would last this long or that I would choose an entirely new-to-me pump. I’m giddy over here, impatiently waiting to start back up on a pump.

I’ve been playing phone tag trying to set up my training, but when I got home yesterday and took the pump out of the box not knowing when I could start, I started crying. Chronic illness emotions are weird, so armed with the instruction book and my prior knowledge f insulin pumps, I taught myself this morning. I just gave myself my first bolus and I’m so giddy that this is back in my life. When I was putting the pump site in, it felt as though no time had passed.

These two photos (and their captions) briefly cover what I’ve been feeling. 

  • I know I still need to go in for training. 
  • I don’t completely know how it’s working for me yet, because starting was an impulsive decision about two hours after my Levemir dose. 
  • Filling this reservoir is weird! 
  • With the ping, I used the long tubing so I could shower with it. I chose the short tubing this time, which is convenient for tucking it into pockets, but it seems SO short. 
  • Bolusing is so much more convenient. 
  • I got into bed and forgot I had to sleep with it. It didn’t bother me last night, but I couldn’t feel it under my back this morning. 
  • I cannot wait to use a temp basal for exercise rather than using foods for safe BGs. 
  • I would be way more nervous about starting this by myself if I was not using the Dexcom. 
  • I’m really grateful to all the T slim users who have offered advice and support and “let me know if you have any questions!” 
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  1. April 19, 2017 12:34 PM

    Briley, I’m really happy for you! Funny, when I went from Medtronic to Animas, I went from short to long tubing. Good luck!

  2. Rick Phillips permalink
    April 22, 2017 9:20 PM

    I have the longest tubing I have ever seen. I use 42″. I am thrilled you love your new pump. A lady once saw it unrolled from under my shirt and she pulled my sleeve from behind. Sir, she said your, ahh line is extended. Yes I said, it is a fashion statement. Stunning isn’t it?

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