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December 23, 2016

A few weeks ago, I sat at Joslin. Without notice, they have requested that patients arrive 30 minutes early instead of 15. I sat, and I sat, and I sat. It was a snowy morning, the first in Boston, with traffic galore. I knew I’d probably be delayed.

I also knew what I needed to get done at work that day. Every five minutes I was calculating what time I’d need to leave in order to get everything done. The first half hour wasn’t bad, since it wasn’t my appointment time yet. However, the last half hour was frustrating. This doctor has never been late in the past. I’ve been so frustrated with diabetes and other stressors in my life lately, that I really needed this appointment. At the time when I knew I needed to be back at work, I walked over to the check out area. 

She asked me to confirm that I was canceling. I said, “it would seem the doctor has cancelled at this point since I still haven’t seen him?” I went on to explain how the delay may be understandable, but SOMEONE should have come out to explain the delay. She seemed completely flabbergasted and shocked that I was disappointed and leaving. She was also frustrated with my work & vacation limitations. I didn’t know what 2017’s insurance plan would be yet, so I needed this to be before the end of the calendar year. We finally found a time that worked for both of us. 

When I left, I posted on Facebook about possibly leaving Joslin for my medical care. I need a place that respects me and my time. I certainly understand that people run late, there are medical emergencies, and that you can be two minutes away from Joslin and it take you another twenty to check in. I understand all of that. But I want a place that will keep me updated. Your doctor is running late due to a medical emergency. Or, your doctor is running late because of the weather. Or, your doctor is running late, how long can you stay? Something! 

When I went back earlier this week, the doctor called me back 2 minutes after my scheduled time (I’d call that perfectly on time!) After a standard greeting, he said, “You cancelled last time?” I think he was shocked when I said, “no, I left to get back to work when you were 30 minutes late.” Luckily, he apologized.

 The appointment went on as it was supposed to. I like this doctor and I don’t know if trying to find a new positive fit is worth my time. I have an endocrinologist appointment early in 2017, and hopefully that meeting goes as smoothly as my second attempt. 

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  1. Rick Phillips permalink
    December 23, 2016 10:50 PM

    I hate waiting. I will give the doctor one pass unless i really like them. I am glad your second appointment went well.

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