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Diabetes Empowerment 

August 22, 2016

I went to Seattle because I was already going to be closer than I usually am. I went because I missed my friend’s wedding because flights were just too expensive at the time. I went to Seattle because it had been six years since I had seen my friend. 

I expected joy and overwhelming happiness. I didn’t expect diabetes frustrations (from both of us). I didn’t expect to feel the need to talk about all the frustrations from the past month. While holding her most adorable infant. I was amazed at how meeting her husband was like meeting someone I had known my entire life. 

I loved being able to talk about camp. I loved being able to talk about her diagnosis. I loved being able to rage bolus knowing I’d be safe because she was in the next room. I loved how diabetes was not the reason for my visit, but it empowered our time together. I love how our friendship can withstand miles apart, years without seeing each other, different experiences, different life changes, and still pick up right where we left off. What I’m dealing with now is the realization is that she does in fact live thousands of miles away and I can’t just call her and say, “let’s grab lunch!” 

So you’ll have to excuse me while I guesstimate how much insulin I’m going to need for this ice cream, while pretending she’s sitting here next to me…

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