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Let’s Get Moving 

May 20, 2016

Managing diabetes during exercise can be tricky, so share what works for you or your loved one with diabetes and maybe it can help someone else. What to do when you want to work out, but your blood sugar is lower or higher than you want? How do you cope with this? Or how do you manage gym days at school for your child with diabetes? How do you stay motivated to work out? Or how do you encourage your loved one with diabetes to get active? What is your favorite kind of exercise – conventional or non-conventional? (Let’s see how many types of exercise we can find!

My very very favorite form of exercise

Let’s start with my favorites. Skiing. Tennis. Inner tube water polo.  Skiing I’ve been doing longer than I’ve had diabetes and I started playing tennis just one year after I was diagnosed. Swimming I’ve been doing since I was an infant (thanks for getting Dad and me out of the house, Mom). I would also say that ITWP is one of my favorites because of the social aspect, more than the exercise aspect. However, it takes a lot of planning. (I honestly don’t remember what I did this past ski season and I’ve only played tennis twice since starting Levemir.)

So here I am focusing on the one really weird, totally random type of exercise.  When I first started Levemir, I texted some of my friends. Even though it was still insulin, it was new insulin and it made me very nervous of the unknown. That first night I was fine. And again. And again. But then there was a night I fell 400 points in an hour and I was terrified. I sat on the edge of the pool watching my team. Wanting so badly to help. I realized that the food in my body wasn’t staying long enough. I needed a protein solution. I found these while walking through Whole Foods one day. I have one about an hour before my game. They haven’t prevented all lows, but the lows have been less severe. That counts as a win in my book. When I do go low, I have Airheads in my bag. They are very easy to open and each one is 15g. Most I’m, I haven’t gotten sick of them yet.

Other things I like: spinning, walking, running, all sorts of work games (frisbee, football, baseball, basketball – I’m terrible, tag, etc), yoga and I just signed up for a kickboxing gym. I know exercise is so important in keeping diabetes in line, but mostly keeping my whole body healthy. But I get very bored, very easily. I look for gym deals on discount sites. It helps keep me interested and moving. Which is the goal after all.

Thanks for reading my wildcard. Here are more!

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  1. May 20, 2016 7:38 AM

    Eek, dropping 400 points in an hour is definitely scary! Glad you found a solution. I LOVE skiing but it totally messes with my blood sugar. I think if I did it more often I could find a way to stabilize some.

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