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Back to the Doctor 

May 11, 2016


I went back to Joslin. Again. I almost feel like I live there. This time I was seeing a new (to me) nurse and Dr. A. When we made the appointment with the nurse, I had been getting a lot of bruises at my injection sites and they were painful. My tiny hands make all available sites not available. A wiggly pen needle just so I can push the insulin in makes it unavailable (to me at least). I showed her where I’ve been taking most of my shots and why. She asked me to expand that area (easily done). She checked the scar tissue on my arms. My arms don’t have as much scar tissue as I originally thought. They may be another site option now, but I haven’t used them for insulin since I was 13 years old! I know I can use them again, but I have not made the decision whether I will or not. It’s a choice I will need to get used to.

We also talked about why I stopped using my pump. Personal preference vs. technical problems. In all my years of pumping, I never had recurring site problems or mechanical failure as the reason for a long term stop. (If you’ve been here a while, you know this is my first long term pump break.) We talked about what pump I’d go on if I went back.

When I went in with Dr. A., we talked about my A1C, which has not significantly changed since I first saw her. Based on my attitude towards diabetes then & now, she is very pleased with where I am and where I’m headed. The phrase “keep up the good work” was told to me many times and it filled me with pride. I told her about the therapist’s “mastering diabetes” comment and I think she made the same face I was trying to hide that day. I told Dr. A. how I appreciate the therapist’s efforts, but that I don’t believe she is the right therapist for me. She suggested a different therapist for me, so he’s on my future Joslin calendar now. 

Based on my lifestyle and career, she also suggested I see the exercise physiologist at Joslin. I wanted to see this person before the half, but there was no availability at that time. MDI for me makes exercise a little more difficult, but still totally worth it. I’m excited for this appointment and I hope it will help with spontaneous exercise and the various types and intensity. 

I love that Dr. A. utilizes all aspects of Joslin for me. She is the main person for me, and I love that she’s the one I’m comfortable with and I can talk to her about all my other appointments. I’ve also talked to her about my ridiculous co-pays and how too many appointments in one month is actually not worth it for me. She understands that financial burdens have also been an integral part of my burnout. She keeps my schedule to one appointment per month and I am so grateful for this understanding. 

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