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April 11, 2016

I went back to Joslin for a nutritionist appointment. (I’m going to call her Marilyn – because she was my favorite nutritionist from my childhood.) We scheduled this appointment after I met Dr. A, but by the time I got there I didn’t remember why we thought I needed this appointment. (Fun fact: her and my endo have exactly one letter different in their names.)   

If I had to describe her personality, I would say larger than life. Bouncy. Energetic. She gets so excited about food. She asked what I’m looking for and made sure that I wasn’t overwhelmed. “Diabetes and food is hard. But food is good and we need to make sure it doesn’t become the enemy.” 

We discussed a typical food day for me and we went over carbs and sugar and how to see if your carb ratio is correct. I definitely forgot how to do this, so this was a good refresher. Most of the appointment was spent talking about fat and how it affects insulin function. There have been studies done at Joslin which focus on fat. I learned how much fat should be eaten per meal & day. Positive and negative fat didn’t make a difference. The statement that stood out to me the most was when she said that people who have a high fat diet need as much as 42% more insulin! 42!! 

One of the most frustrating pieces of climbing out of burnout, to me, has been the cost of diabetes. Co-pays especially! But what if I adopt a more low fat diet? Could I maybe make my insulin last longer? I try to eat healthy, but what if I change my focus from carbs to fat. I focus on carbs because that is the measure needed to figure out how much insulin I need. This seems like an easily attainable goal. 

I have lists of tips & tricks, like adding Greek yogurt to guacamole or mixing ricotta and cottage cheese for lasagna. I have informative lists. I have knowledge. I am NOT expecting my insulin needs to go down by 42%, but I want my body to work more efficiently. This is not what I was expecting from this appointment, but I’m very glad this is what I got out of it. 

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  1. rickphilips permalink
    April 11, 2016 9:36 PM

    I generally avoid nutritionists like I avoid the plague. Sounds like you do as well. But occasionally i find a keeper,I am glad you did this time.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for April 11, 2016.


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