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Crashing the Conference 

June 8, 2015

I don’t understand the engineering behind the technology. 
I don’t understand medical terminology. 

I’m still terribly shy and nervous and fail at working a room. 

I know that being trusted to care for someone else’s diabetes is empowering with a little “oh shit” thrown in. 

I know that laughing with other people who have broken pancreases is in fact the best medicine. 

I know that squealing when I see old friends again makes me smile like crazy. 

I know that my medical care did not change at all this weekend, but my health feels so much better. 

I know that meeting old friends for the first time will never get old. 

I know that the diabetes community is constantly growing and changing. 

I know that words are my power when it comes to this community. But trying to describe it never feels right. 

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