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June 26, 2014

Setting: Snack Time at Work The kids were sitting at the kitchen table eating their snacks and I was unpacking their lunches from the day. I have no idea what we were talking about, but my Dexcom was on the counter in front of me. It started buzzing, and I knew that it was high, so I knew I’d check it in a few minutes. BoyMagine asked if I had gone to Panera. I was really confused and wondering why this question was asked now. He thought that my Dexcom sounded like the contraption you get when you’re waiting for your food. I liked the comparison between the 2 things that he is familiar with. Setting: CVS checkout (not pharmacy) I’m sick of my grey hair, so I like to use a lot of leave in conditioner in the summer with SPF so that I can protect the pigment in my hair as long as possible. The kids had asked for an all day pool day, so I figured out which day would be the hottest, and planned it for that day. In order to make a stop for conditioner acceptable to them, I also stocked up on glucose tabs & gel. My Dexcom site was sitting on my arm with the tape all over the place and the cashier (who was wearing a white pharmacy coat) asked what it was. It is pretty bulky, especially while wearing a sundress. I explained that it was a continuous glucose monitor. “Ahhh, hence the purchase of all this glucose!” I paid and off we went to the pool for the day. Setting: Amusement Park My mother helped me bring the kids to an amusement park (because of varying interests & sizes, I won’t bring the kids to an amusement park by myself because I refuse to leave one standing alone for an undetermined amount of time). It was the end of the day and it was hot and we all wanted different types of ice cream: hard, soft serve, dipping dots. BoyMagine and I had hard ice cream and were sitting near the entrance while my mother was with GirlMagine getting dipping dots. A junior high kid/young high schooler came over and said “Do you have diabetes?! I do too!” I asked how long (since 2008), and if he has a pump and/or CGM too (yes, but not  wearing them that day because of the roller coasters). As the rest of his group joined him, I told him to have fun and BoyMagine whispered “he talked to a stranger!” I explained that it’s important to build connections to other people with diabetes and that since the boy was older than he is, the boy was safe the whole time. When my mom and GirlMagine came back, I told them the story and my mother was completely impressed and joked “I bet you still wouldn’t do that.” And she’s right.

It's easy to spot this Dexcom

It’s easy to spot this Dexcom

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  1. Katy permalink
    June 26, 2014 11:24 AM

    Diabetes really is such a continuous presence. I love that you pretended to need glucose to protect your brunette hair.

    You’re such a fun nanny.

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