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Arm Site

January 21, 2014

When I put the arm site in, I was all kinds of excited. To feel proud of something new with diabetes after 24 years is a rare & awesome moment. Using my CGM on places where there is already scar tissue makes me feel better about the longevity of giving myself insulin. Then the “oh shit” moment came. What about water polo? The goal is clearly never to hit people, but when you’re trying to flip someone or swat the ball out of their hands, it can happen. (I’ve also kicked people while trying to use my legs as propellers – sorry!) I’ve always tried to keep both of my sites where they will be protected either by my bathing suit or the tube. However, there is no way an arm site can be protected. So how could I protect it, so I wasn’t losing it every week? A friend suggested sewing it it’s own bathing suit (basically), but I don’t have a sewing machine, nor am I confident in my ability to make something that will keep the site safe. Off I went to the pharmacy.



I wrapped my arm in the ace bandage, secured it with clips and taped the top down with Flexifix. I texted friends and said “am I being ridiculous?” They said yes, “but if you honestly think it will come out, then do what you need to do.” I felt ridiculous, but as I was trying to swat the ball out of my opponents hand and I felt an arm drag all the way down mine, with a site still secure, I knew I had made the right choice. It may look ridiculous and I may need to flap my arm around to get used to it, but I think I would’ve only gotten 5 days out of it if I hadn’t decided to protect it. That makes it worth it.

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  1. January 21, 2014 11:46 AM

    If it works, it works! I was very proud of myself when I started using my thigh for a CGM site. It works sooooo much better than my scar-filled belly.

  2. January 21, 2014 5:44 PM

    I’m so jealous you get to play water polo (in a good way). I would wear one of those water wings on it if I could still play. Way to MacGyver.

  3. January 25, 2014 6:32 PM

    Hey if it works, it works! I wonder if one of those compression wraps (like a mini-sleeve just for one area not the whole arm) would work too. Then you wouldn’t have to have the bulk of the wrap.

    Also… water polo scares me!

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