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Too Awesome to Care

December 27, 2013

Even though I’ve already spent a few days skiing this year, it doesn’t quite feel as though the ski season has started until after Christmas. The best day to go skiing is the day after Christmas because most people are traveling that day rather than skiing. So I bet you can guess where I was. I’ve been inconsistently high for a few days (Christmas party, Christmas Eve, Christmas…) so I didn’t set a temp basal. I stuffed my pockets full of Airheads and went to the mountain. Every so often I’d have to force myself to think about how I was feeling. I’d think about whether or not I wanted to stick my hands out in the cold and check the Dexcom. The answer was almost always no, and I just trusted that it was still working. And it was! So we skied and skied and skied some more. At one point after lunch, all I could feel was a pinching sensation at my Dexcom site. I ran inside to make sure everything was okay, and it appeared to be. However, when we finished skiing, Dex was ~200 points off. There was a piece of me that was upset, but then there was a piece of me that just didn’t care. The day was just too awesome to care.

Mount Sunapee

Mount Sunapee

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  1. Katy permalink
    December 27, 2013 12:32 PM

    I love this! I aspire to achieve a feeling like this in the snow!


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