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Walking for 5-10

October 3, 2013

The longer I am involved with JDRF, the more I believe in the power of their research. I’m in a place (within JDRF & within America) where I get to see what is happening, in what feels like real time. Don’t believe me? Here:

Why am I sharing this with you? I am walking for JDRF this Saturday with my YLC Walks! team. I would love to have your support and your donation. I know that if you’re reading this, there’s a piece of you that hopes these videos are the truth for the future. I am going to assume that you also know that putting a time table on future resources can kill the hope of people with diabetes.  (I’ve been hearing about a cure in 5-10 years for 24 years.) I do not say this to be disheartening, but I say it to be honest. BUT! I truly believe that every dollar donated brings 5-10 years closer. (If you are one of the people who has already donated on my behalf, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.) Please help me. Please help the people you personally know in your life. Please help future people with diabetes.

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