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Bad Timing

August 13, 2013
Holding Steady Yesterday

Holding Steady Yesterday

I’ve been battling a steady graph in the 200s for what feels like days. It has caused me to delay eating, lose sleep, and even change workout plans. I did not have to do any of these things, but it is what I chose to do out of frustration.  Luckily after breakfast today I started coming back down, but when I started to rise again, I decided that today was going to be a rest day, so that I could pay attention  to my sugars.  It was after yesterday’s workout that I rose to the 200s, influencing this decision.  As I was getting hungry around 5, I looked to the fruit basket and decided on a peach.  I was shocked to see a 108 staring back at me.  I bolused, enjoyed and went back to my afternoon routine.  As soon I finished, Dex started yelling that I was falling.  I do not keep diabetes supplies “at work.” I have an apartment in the basement so I just run downstairs if I need something. When I started to feel low, I went downstairs and saw a 66 this time.  I walked to my box of air heads, opened one and heard the garage door opening.  And the thought “ugh, worst timing” went through my head. I stepped out of my apartment while chomping on an air head, and Dad said “oh, you’re down here.” I stared blankly and said nonchalantly “I’m low.” They definitely know I have diabetes, but I sometimes forget that they do not know diabetes speak.  I realized I needed full sentences. I explained that my blood sugar was low, and I just came down to test. He immediately went from a dad happy to be home early to see his kids, to a medical professional concerned about a patient.  “Are you okay?!” I explained that yes, I’m fine, just need to finish the sugar, and plus I’m barely low.  As the kids came downstairs they said “Sometimes she even shares them with us!” The kids are old enough that they do not need my constant supervision, and they were in the middle of a board game, but I do not like that my boss came home at the exact moment that diabetes took me away from the job.

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  1. Katy permalink
    August 13, 2013 6:34 PM

    Dad sounds like a gem. I was scared this would turn into a misunderstanding kind of thing. Yay. Yay?

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  2. August 13, 2013 7:24 PM

    I was a nanny all through college. I have been low at the worst possible moment too. I remember once, the kids were fighting. I was low and getting emotional because I didn’t feel like stepping away to help myself was an option. When I finally did step away, mom came home. Older boy had younger brother in a headlock. It was also about 10pm. That, too, was bad timing. To make it better I started staying a few minutes after each time to keep momma posted on my life and diabetes work. It really helped our relationship.

    I hope diabetes starts being kinder to you. That line would feel great if it just lowered itself a tick.

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me of my time as a nanny.

    Keep being good to yourself.

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