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Comparing & Thinking

August 5, 2013

I was sitting reading a book while the kids were watching TV.  (I don’t usually ignore the TV, but I can’t handle this show.)  My shorts kept getting caught on my Dexcom site, so I picked up the hem and moved it above the site. Out of the blue, GirlMagine asked, “Is that the only place you can wear it?” It took me a moment to figure out what she was talking about, but I then told her that I have only worn this one in my legs and stomach (it’s only my second G4 site). She continued to ask about my pump site and if I ever wear either of them in my arm.  (I cannot wear my pump site in my arm because I have scar tissue, and I don’t generally wear my sensors there because I can’t do the insertion by myself.) All I said to GirlMagine was that I do not because I can’t get them in by myself.  She told me how her friend at camp (who was diagnosed during the school year) wears an insulin patch, and it’s usually on her arm.  I asked her if it looked like my sensor, but bigger.  She told me it’s “like this big square thing with rounded corners.”  I told her that that it’s also a pump, just no tubing.  She looked really confused by it, but I explained how it seems a lot of kids like those kind of pumps.  She then said that if she ever got diabetes, “I want yours.” She quickly went back to the TV show, but I was really glad to see her comparing & thinking about the different people in her life with diabetes.

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