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Who Am I?

June 27, 2013

I remember contacting the local JDRF office over 2 years ago to start volunteering, or find a support group or something related to diabetes.  I knew that I had this wonderful online community, but I was looking for something off-line.  Sitting around a table pulling out meters & pumps to put them on the table, and reaching into your bra to grab your pump and not caring are so much more valuable to me than my online peers.

JDRF sent me information about this new group for young people who were having a fundraiser downtown.  I decided to show up even though I knew NO ONE.  I suppose that is when I started changing because if you knew me prior to this, you’d realize that this is crazy talk.  The then president came up to me and started talking to me and I found other people to talk to during the night, but mostly I was texting my friend freaking out about the fact that it was my birthday, and a big game, and I was surrounded by people with diabetes, but I didn’t know any of them.  I think about that fundraiser, and I still get nervous about it.  I was freaking out, and that’s putting it lightly. As time has gone on, I have become much more active with the group, clearing schedules and making it possible to get to anything and everything they have done.  So many of these people I now call my friends and I couldn’t be happier.

It also seems like I’ve been texting another friend lately asking “Is this really me?!” I am proud of the decisions I’ve made, they are just decisions I never thought I’d make, especially by jumping in with both feet.  Yet, here I am.  This spring at one of the socials, we were talking about ideas of how to grow the group. I must have spouted off my list of ideas and someone said, “you should be president next year.” If I didn’t spit out my drink, I’m impressed with myself, but I definitely laughed, and laughed and laughed until I got home.  Then I started thinking.  Could I do it?  Did I want to do it?  What makes me say yes and what makes me say no?  I decided that the yes column was a whole lot more important than the no column, so I told my friend that “yeah, I’ll do it, BUT I’M GOING TO NEED HELP! I can’t even make it to the meetings on time!” When I walked into the May meeting, I’d been told that I’d been nominated.  Okay, cool.  I was excited.  This week we had our June meeting and official voting (which they waited for me to be there for).  So now you are officially reading the blog of the co-president of the YLC.  (Oh yea, now I’m freaking out!)

Can I do what needs to be done?  Can I be welcoming to the newbies?  Am I capable of this?  I do not know, but I am going to assume & pray that the answer to these questions is yes.  I know that I have the support of my friends, the current board & the past board, but yea, you can say I’m freaking out.  If anyone has any suggestions about how to successfully run/manage/support an off-line group I am GLADLY welcoming them.  Calming suggestions are also being taken.

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  1. June 30, 2013 1:02 AM

    Check you out, Mrs. YLC Co-President! That is FANTASTIC!

    And yes, you can totally do this. Totally. 🙂


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