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I’m Different

June 13, 2013
relaxing after our field trip

relaxing after our field trip

School is almost out for the year, and that means lots of different events at school.  I’ve been to gymnastics shows, visitors’ day, and last but not least, I chaperoned a field trip. I know that I haven’t written a lot about my life as a nanny with these kids, but because their school schedule is different, we spend a lot more time in the car than we do playing.  They are asking more and more questions about diabetes though, and they are understanding more and more too.  Do you have to bolus for that one blueberry?  Do you have to bolus for a handful of blueberries?  What about a cheese stick?  Do you have to bolus for milk?  What about water?  How come you get to eat so many airheads? Before visitors day, BoyMagine asked me a question.  “Briley, can I tell my teachers you’re different?”  I asked what he meant because there are many areas of our lives where we’re different.  He yelled “DIABETES!” I laughed a little and told him that yes, he can tell people that I have diabetes, but if he doesn’t know an answer to someone’s question, to say “I don’t know” rather than make up an answer.  He really enjoys making up answers to questions, and in order to prevent misconceptions spreading, I gave him this warning.  Off to school he went with an “Okay!”  When I got to school later, I was ready to answer diabetes questions, but instead I got “scolded” for not telling him the score of the game the night before.  I went through the day, and it never came up at all. When I went on the field trip, I was a little nervous about going low while chasing 30 kindergartners  through a museum. Luckily, my concern stayed just that, a concern.  During lunch I was talking to one of the teachers, and I told her about our conversation before visitors day.  She first told me that no, he didn’t tell them and then said “type 1? how old were you?” We chatted briefly about it, and then went on the rest of our day.  I knew that his teachers would not mind/care, but I was more excited to learn that at least one of them knew of the different types.

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  1. June 13, 2013 11:11 AM

    Kids do ask a lot of questions, don’t they? 🙂

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