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If You Think We Rock

April 29, 2013

If you are a person with diabetes in the Boston area, or if you’re a person who thinks we’re awesome, what are you doing Friday night?  As part of the YLC, we’re trying to grow our group.  Hopefully by getting out in the community, talking about life (and sometimes diabetes), we’ll be able to grow our membership.  We’re lots of fun and we’re really friendly (even though I might be too shy to say the first hello, there are members who are not). This Friday we’re celebrating “Tres de Mayo” happy hour style after the work week.  We’ll be at The Cactus Club and I hope to see all of you there!  If you can’t go, tell your friends!

If you can’t make it Friday, but still want to get involved, email me, join the facebook group or fill out the JDRF form!  We’d love to have you!

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