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“Dude. No.”

April 13, 2013
Parrothead festivities

Parrothead festivities

We were sitting inside, taking a break from the cold and wishing the margarita mix-off line wasn’t so long.  We were sipping our drinks when people came up and yelled “cheers!” We continued talking, and as I finished the margarita, I wanted to see the diabetes progress.  I am not one to be shy about having diabetes, but I also don’t really like me testing my blood sugar to be the introduction.  One of the people watched me test, asked how I was doing, and then went on to tell a story.  I know we’ve all heard this story before. “I know of so-and-so and they didn’t take care of themselves and they died.”  He went on to explain that this person was in their 20s, but since I’m testing, this clearly won’t happen to me.  My blood sugar was still really high, so my friend was getting more people to get me water, and I went on to talk about Jill and how you can work your ass off and you can still pass away.  This disease is hard work and whether or not you take care of yourself or not, does not alleviate the worry of passing away.  He said “Oh wow, I had no idea.”  I am sure I sounded harsh, but it just wasn’t something I wanted to hear, and I didn’t want to explain it either, but there I was.  When my water arrived at the table, his friend was about to give me shit for drinking water during a drinking day, and he turned to him and just said “Dude.  No.” As the day went on, I was asked how I was feeling, but the conversation moved away from diabetes.

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  1. April 14, 2013 5:34 PM

    I like how he at least stepped up for you when his buddy was going to give you a hard time.

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