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February 28, 2013

I’ve been trying to keep to a rigid workout schedule.  Not so much in what I do, but when I do it.  I will choose downhill skiing over cross-country skiing any day, but when it comes to cardio, I’d much rather cross-country ski than run.  My routine is this: bring the kids to school & set temp basal when I get home, set timer for 1 hour and eat & bolus for breakfast, start cardio when the timer goes off & set high temp basal when I’m done cardio as long as I’m not low.  Earlier this week I decided I would not use the timer, but I was catching up on TV episodes, so I’d just use the ending of the episode to start.  What I forgot to check though was how long the episode was.  It seemed like I had been sitting for quite a while, and that is when I realized that I was watching a 2 hour episode, rather than just 1.  My blood sugar was steadily climbing, so I jumped in the car and off I went to ski.  Skiing was fabulous, it was sunny & warm and the snow was fast.  I found a new trail and followed it all around.  I even went over a little bridge.  It was fabulous, and my dexcom was reading that I was nice & steady.  Later that day though I just kept climbing and climbing and climbing.  Nothing I did was helping, and all of a sudden I was nearly 500. A quick shot and the numbers started coming down.  The feeling of grossness was slower to leave though.

XC Skiing

XC Skiing

The lesson I learned?  No matter what, always set the timer for exercise.

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  1. mom permalink
    March 1, 2013 9:06 AM

    Is that a new jacket? Nice!

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