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February 11, 2013

Boy Genius just turned ten years old (!) and shopping for him meant going to the book store.  I was walking through  & surprisingly not finding anything (knowing that he already has most of what I saw there for his interests).  I walked over to the gifts for readers section and thought “I should get one of these cute journals for a log book.”  I pushed the thought to the back of my mind though because my attempts at keeping track of my BGs have never lasted.  As I went through my life the next week, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.  I went back to the bookstore and knew I would need to find the perfect looking one.  It would need to be small, soft covered & most importantly cute.  (If I’m going to carry it around willingly, it will be cute.)

I found this and knew that it was perfect

I found this and knew that it was perfect

Many times I stop logging because I don’t like the numbers I am seeing.  I read the cover of this book every time I open it, and I remember that no matter what I am writing (basal, BG, bolus, food, carbs, activity), I am more than just a number.  The numbers are a starting point and it doesn’t matter what the number is because I move on from there.

Day 1

Day 1

I have felt better since I started this.  (Mom, you don’t need to say “I told you so!”)  It’s not organized and it’s not boxy, but it works for me and that is all that matters.  If you’re wondering how I know it’s working, I’ll show you one last picture from my meter.  I gasped when I saw it and I know it means I shouldn’t stop.  Even when it’s a pain to carry this book everywhere, I know it will help me get through the hard days.

The last time I checked my daily averages, the 7 day average was in the 160s

The last time I checked my daily averages, the 7 day average was in the 160s


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  1. mom permalink
    February 11, 2013 9:08 AM

    I do need to. Thank you.

  2. Sara permalink
    February 18, 2013 12:12 AM

    LOL! Love your mom’s comment. That steady drop in averages is awesome!


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