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New Shower Routine?

February 1, 2013

Most awkward blog post title winner?


Sometime last fall, I became much more motivated to exercise.  It’s not that I ever stopped exercising completely, but I could not be called consistent.  I now fall under the consistent category and I feel good about it.  Of course, that does not mean that diabetes should play nice.  In general, I set a -80% basal rate one hour before I exercise and cancel it when I am done.  I then jump in the shower and when I get out I set a +50% basal for four hours to combat the adrenaline.  This seems bonkers to me, but it still doesn’t keep me from flying high post exercise.  I normally crash or close to it during my workout.  However, yesterday I did not, but I was nervous about bolusing immediately after finishing my workout.  When I went to get in the shower there was nothing about me that wanted to take my pump off.  I just felt like any time away from insulin was going to end badly.  All of a sudden the bells went off in my head because I have an Animas and it’s waterproof!  I also just started using the long tubing, so I jumped in the shower with my pump on.  It rested on the floor the whole time.  I had to be careful when I turned for my shampoo & conditioner because I didn’t want to step on my pump.  I never did step on it, but the tubing definitely got caught in between my toes a few times.  I think this is something that I’ll continue doing, even though I went crazy high yesterday, because it probably wouldn’t have been any prettier if I didn’t.

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  1. February 4, 2013 12:08 PM

    Is it ok to soak a pump in shampoo though? Might want to check with Animas on that. If so THAT’S FREEKING AWESOME. 🙂 and of course let me know if this keeps working. I can’t shower in the morning because I need every single droplet of basal in the morning so this could change my life forever!

  2. Sara permalink
    February 18, 2013 12:18 AM

    I second Abby’s thoughts. I am a morning shower-er but you can see on my Dexcom graph EXACTLY when I got in the shower. I use the 42″ tubing so I could almost set it outside the tub if I was careful enough and stay attached. I think about it a lot. Hmm…


  1. waterproof pump - A not-so-dramatic reenactment - Moments of Wonderful | Moments of Wonderful

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