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Letter of Medical Necessity

January 21, 2013

To sum it up quickly, Friday was not my favorite day.  It started with a car accident and dealing with all of the “fun stuff” that includes like insurance & rental cars & repair shops.  It continued with trekking the kids everywhere because everything that needed to happen while they were in school could not. (The children were not in the car with me during said accident :).)

The Letter of Medical Necessity worked :)

The Letter of Medical Necessity worked 🙂

I remember talking to Kim on twitter about insurance & meters & test strips and telling her that my doctor was in the middle of writing a letter of medical necessity for me for VerioIQ test strips.  For almost 3 years I have used a Freestyle Lite as my main meter.  This meter was chosen because my insurance covers the strips and I have never had problems with the accuracy.  However recently the meter itself was not working.  I would put a strip in, it would ask for blood and I would give it and it would still ask for blood.  It was not recognizing my blood and I was going through 2-3 strips per check sometimes.  My meter got replaced, but it happened with the new meter as well, and I don’t like having a meter I can’t rely on.  At my last endo appointment, she wrote me a prescription for the IQ strips and told me it’s not a preferred strip for my insurance.  She also told me she would get a letter of medical necessity ready because of why I’m switching.  I have been picking up my strips from the same pharmacy and asking the technicians to check to see if it went through.  On Friday, I had to pick up my insulin and was getting ready to ask for a small box of strips (I get the small boxes when I’m paying out of pocket), and he told me to wait one minute because “it looks like you have some One Touch prescription here as well.”  At that moment I knew that my letter of medical necessity had gone through and I couldn’t have been more excited.  It was a small thing, and the people around me had no idea I was silently hoping, but not expecting this, but it gave me a positive feeling for my day.

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  1. January 21, 2013 3:36 PM

    Your Friday doesn’t sound fun overall, but yay for the strips! I totally understand how nice a surprise that can be. While it sucks that things like that make me an odd amount of happy, I’m glad that I can find the happiness of it all!

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