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Juice Mug Pedestal

December 13, 2012

When Kerri first asked me, I was all “Aaah, I hate skyping or filming myself! I can’t do something crazy like this!”  She explained that this was going to be way more involved.  Film crew & makeup artist involved.  And I crazily agreed.  I also wrote this while low.  So please bear with me.  

professional makeup

professional makeup

On Tuesday I went down to RI to film a Hope vs. Fear video for Novo-Nordisk.  I woke up feeling like hell.  I had been over 200 for at least 12 hours & insulin was being all sorts of stubborn & refusing to work.  A changed pump site, 2 large cups of coffee & I was on my way.  I am a terrifyingly shy person & I walked into the coffee shop where I got completely overwhelmed by all the computer screens & lights & people (& lack of of customers) & I scanned the room for familiar faces.  But they weren’t there.  I must’ve had a “deer in the headlights” look because all of a sudden people came over to introduce themselves & ask “Are you one of the models?”  I answered “I think so?” but in my head I was all “Do you see the same person I see when I look in the mirror?  Because I’m no model.”  They walked me over to a separate coffee shop where the familiar faces were.  From there I loaded up with more coffee (which I nearly managed to spill everywhere..go me!)  I sat down with the makeup artist and after that segment was over, we walked back to the original coffee shop where wardrobe decisions were being made.  In the wardrobe email we got, they said to stay away from bolds, and that pastels are the best.  So I bring pastels.  And then they ask me “don’t you have anything darker?”  I brought a grey shirt just in case, but didn’t think it would work since there are sparkles in it, and I was right.  So I changed back into my mint green shirt and of course smeared the lipstick right across the front of the shirt.  And I’m out of options.  Luckily Katy brought a great pink shirt that I was able to wear (and not get makeup on!)  So we all get set up at the table, and plugged in.  Plugged in = microphone clipped to the collar and plugged in under the table.  I mean, I’m used to wires so it wasn’t a big deal, but still.  Who wants another wire?  The goal of this video is to show that living with hope is better than living with/in fear.  There were questions we were supposed to discuss, and all talk, and make it all seem natural.  It was the natural part I was nervous about.  Before we started taping, Dex said that I was in the 160s, with a downward arrow.  Our conversation was going well and I think that we all agreed on a lot of things, and I was probably shaking my head in agreement.  However, as far as audio input goes, shaking your head doesn’t really help.  (Yes, I did have input, don’t worry.)  All of a sudden though I found myself staring at Katy and zoning out.  Or at the lights behind her that were over the delicious food.  And I knew that I was low or nearly low.  I wasn’t feeling low enough to call a time out, but a little bit shaky.  One of the people behind the computers told us they had enough material for now.  At which point I mumbled “ohgoodi’mlow” and started to stand up.  Luckily I was the only one low because Kerri threw up her hands to stop me since we were plugged into the table.  After they came over to unplug me, I borrowed some tabs, and then went over to find the juice, and ate some food.  As they were telling us to come back to the table I was still low.  I was trying to ask if I could have an extra mug on the table because I had just poured myself coffee and I needed more juice.  Especially if this was going to be a low that lingered.  Since there were four of at the table, we needed to have 4 mugs on the table, and we couldn’t switch them out.  But I needed juice near me.  And also, explaining this to film-makers while low was not going well.  They put a small pedastal next to me where I put my second mug.  The juice mug.  I was looking at it thinking, well this is a cool prop, but why?  And I asked if I could move it closer to me.  Except it was actually cement and it was on the far side of the wires.  I managed to move it closer (also proving difficult because I was already plugged back in) and my juice had a resting spot for the rest of the round table discussion.  The rest went off without a hitch, and I’ll give you more information about the fear part of our day another time 🙂

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