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Sugar Pump

November 28, 2012

When Rebel was here on her vacation, I was not.  We spent a lot of time with the kids and they were fascinated with the fact that I have friends with diabetes too.  This seems to be a common trend with kids.  Rebel was showing the kids her pump and Dexcom and BoyMagine told her, “when it has 3 question marks that means it’s not working.”  Both Rebel and I were shocked & impressed.  I don’t remember having ??? with the kids, but apparently I have! We were outside playing in the neighborhood when a little girl from down the street joined us.  After a while she noticed my pump and Dexcom, but didn’t say anything to me.  I overheard GirlMagine explain it to her.  I don’t remember how she explained the insulin pump, but she explained the CGM as a sugar pump because it keeps track of how much sugar is inside my body.  Based on the word pump, this is not the description I would use, but if this is the one that makes sense to her, then go for it!

A fun filled afternoon

I loved hearing both of these moments because it means they are paying attention and taking things in even when it seems they are not.

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