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It’s Different

October 18, 2012
(From what I’ve heard) All new jobs have a transition time.  There are new things that must be learned, new patterns to get used to, and different ways of doing things.  This is especially true as a nanny.  GirlMagine & BoyMagine had their previous nanny for 3.5 years, so we’re all getting used to a new way of life.  As part of my life with them, they will be learning about diabetes.  I am not saying that I will force them to learn, but they notice my pump and my CGM, especially when they beep.  And as with all children, there are questions.  This is where I’ve found a difference.  When Boy Genius & Girl Genius would ask questions, they were thoroughly interested & intrigued.  If they did not understand, they would continue asking questions until they did.  Sometimes their understanding would show up later while they were playing.  In a world where there judgement is so often felt because of diabetes, it was nice to live around people who just wanted to understand.  When BoyMagine and GirlMagine ask questions, their underlying tone is much different.  There is no judgement, but there is an attitude.  They take the time to ask the questions, but seem offended if they don’t already know the answers or understand them.  This is not my fault.  This is not their fault.  It just is and I wish that they could understand it.  
I hope that someday they will/can understand without making me feel like I have taken knowledge away from them.
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