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October 5, 2012

I know that this blog is dedicated to diabetes, but I also feel like I should give you an update on the new job and the new kids, because they will definitely make an appearance now and then just like Boy & Girl Genius did.  (Speaking of which, Girl Genius’ favorite song came on in the car today and I nearly started crying.  Yes I am an emotional person, but I wasn’t expecting that!)  I feel like I’ve gotten one question a lot as it comes to my job overlapping my social media life: What are you going to name your new kids?

Introducing the new Children!

I think I did a disservice to any future children I work with by naming Boy & Girl Genius, geniuses.  I feel like no name lives up to or is equal to genius.  Or can grow up with the children.  Also, when I started writing my blog I had been working with Boy & Girl Genius for 8 months already.  Whereas now the blog was here before the children.
The schedule this past month has been crazy.  Observing and getting to know kids while they are going to new schools, with a new nanny in the midst of the beginning of the school year with days off and early releases was, well, stressful.  But alas, I have come up with new names!  BoyMagine and GirlMagine.  BoyMagine is six years old and just started kindergarten and GirlMagine is nine years old and in fourth grade.  Their imaginations are wild and always working.  I often cannot follow because their minds move much faster than their words and leave chunks out!  But I am in awe of the ideas and the collaboration in the games & designing & building.

At this point, they are still not used to a nanny with diabetes with a pump and CGM.  The tubing is often seen as a wire to be pulled on, and the Dexcom is seen as a fun thing to press buttons and make the line change.  I am slowly working on helping them understand that they are not toys, but we’re taking baby steps.  I am confident that we will get there though.

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