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Juice Box. Low. Coffee. Breakfast. Joslin.

August 22, 2012

Monday I had my tri/quarter annual Joslin appointment.  (Tri/quarter means that it is supposed to be quarter, but we need two people who have availability!)  I drove in there not knowing what my A1C would be, but also not enjoying where my diabetes has been.  I was freaking out about it on my drive in until I remembered that I love my doctor and NO MATTER where I am, I would leave feeling empowered.


As I was driving into that section of town, I knew that I was low.  I also knew that I threw that car into park at 10:25 and I’m supposed to be in the lab at 10:30.  It never fails that there is a line at check in and it’s right in the middle of a hallway where you’re always in the way and NOTHING to lean on.  I get to check in and it all goes smoothly and I find a seat near the lab door because I know if I don’t sit there I’m never going to hear them call my name.  I test and I’m 54.  And I pull a juice box out of my purse.  I then hear my Dex going off telling me I am low.  Then they call my name.  Luckily I had THE nicest lab tech I’ve ever had.
LT: When is the last time you ate?
Me: Uhhhh, Well I had a juice box?  I’m low.  But I did eat breakfast, AND COFFEE! this morning.
LT: Okay.  When were you low?
Me: I was finishing my juice when you called my name.
LT: Okay.  I do still need to test your blood sugar with my meter.  Is that okay?
Me: Yes.  52.
LT: So you’re going down.
Me: I don’t if I’d call that dooooooown.
LT: Would you like me to get you juice?
Me: YES!
And of course my finger would not stop bleeding (it still hurts!).  So we finished up with all of the boring stuff and then I went to wait for the endo.  At which point I realize how crazy I must’ve sounded.  I was mortified and shaky and yet realizing that if there is a place to have a “shitfaced low,” Joslin is the place.

I went in to see the doctor and I immediately felt like I was okay.  I still was all sorts of discombobulated.  However, she is one of those people who makes me think that the world and me are perfect.  Especially with a broken pancreas.  We talked about my Dexcom graphs and how I shouldn’t recommend to others to not go to the CGM class before starting.  (Woops!  Don’t do it!)  I explained to her how busy my summer is and how I had no free time and how it’s far too exciting to wait!  She laughed at me, and then I went on to tell her all about all of my resources.

I went on to say how I felt like diabetes is crazy and I’m sure my A1C is too and this and that and I hate diabetes and and and.  She interrupted me and told me that my A1C has gone from 8.3 to 7.4.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! Surely this can’t be me?!  But then I think about it and it does make sense because I was so mad that my A1C was above 8 again that I was determined to get it back.  And back I did!  Neither one of us is crediting the Dexcom,  since an A1C covers three months, but it is probably (absolutely) helping.  I told her how I feel like lately I’ve been hanging out in the 200s and it just sits and sits and sits and when I’m finally starving, it comes back down, just to go back up.  I also said, maybe it has always done this, but now I can see it.  So we upped my meal boluses and lowered my basals.  Today, post breakfast, I didn’t go above 180 🙂 It seems that something might be working and I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. August 22, 2012 12:46 PM

    yay for awesome doctors and empowerment!

    I once had an endo-office low that left me shaking and sweating and eating crackers in the doctor’s office. So nice to have someone who’s understanding during a debilitating low….

  2. August 22, 2012 9:18 PM

    That you felt happy and confident before you got your A1C is a testament to how good your doctor is (and those Twitter folks you embedded in there). That you felt happy and confident AFTER you learned your A1C is a testament to yourself and how you’ve improved your control since the last time. It’s great to have both!

    • October 5, 2012 6:54 PM

      Thanks Scott! I really do try to work hard on paying attention to diabetes and I am very lucky with my doctor. I just wish everyone could be this lucky!


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