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Without Further Ado… JUNE BBB

July 2, 2012

Sara and I tried to mention nominating as much as possible and we told people I wanted to be inundated with posts.  I think you guys did a FABULOUS job.  There are so many wonderful people out there and what you do, what you’ve been through and how you survive and deal with diabetes is truly an inspiration.  I am so pleased to have gotten the privalige to read all of these and without further ado…

best use of humor: We all need to laugh every now and then, and even though I don’t know who wrote this, you can thank me later for sending you to porn for D-Moms.

best vlog: I know that I was a child with diabetes, but seeing children with diabetes makes my heart break a little bit.  But just watch Natalie get excited for her new D device and you’ll have joy again too.

best recipe: There’s definitely a cupcake thing going on in the lives of those with diabetes, but maybe with Lisa’s recipe we’ll start to have a doughnut thing going on too.

best use of photography: For those of us that have had diabetes for a long time, it’s hard to remember where we’ve come from.  With Melanie’s time travel of insulin though, we can remember.

best advocacy: Seeing Dr. P hurt at a doctor’s office is no fun, but seeing that she has found a way & reasons to resolve the problem makes me feel a whole lot better and let’s just hope the medical professionals take it to heart.

best story of a meet-up: Not everyone is comfortable hanging out with other PWD’s, but Mike tells us how meeting other PWD’s changed his view.

best non-D related post: We all live with diabetes every day, but Marie lives with even more and tells us about it here.

best story of a D mistake: Meri and her family are an inspiration to us all, and she does a great job of explaining how even after a mistake, we just keep going on down the road.

best post by a Type 1: I may not be a parent, but I am a caregiver and Melissa sums up my biggest fears while on the job.

best post by a Type 2: Kate’s advocacy stretches far and wide  and she should be applauded for telling people who can make a difference what it is REALLY like to live with Type 2 diabetes.

best post by a Type Awesome: I’m sure that letting your CWD experience things on her own is difficult, and Grace’s mom does a great job of telling us how she let go, just a little bit for just a little while.

best post by a LADA/Type 1.5/Not otherwise specified: Babs has been through a lot, and she’s done a lot for the DOC, and now she’s starting the same for the cancer community.

best motivational post: Kayla saw a diabetic in the wild, who turned out to not be diabetic, but close & supportive that she looked the part!

best diabetes art: Art comes in all shapes & sizes, and this poem by Arden certainly won my heart over!

best reference to a D celebrity: The Blue Heel Society shines the spotlight on a man who has diabetes, is frugal, and likes to cook.

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I want to thank everyone who nominated and say congratulations to those who were nominated!  Let’s keep this list growing every month!

Briley (AKA Me):
J.L. (no blog)
Kelly K:
Scott E:
Scott S:
Stephen S:

And if you thought I was done, there’s more!  Medtronic loves what Best Betes Blogs is doing, so they have offered up TEN Lenny’s to give away next month!!  Lenny is an adorable little lion that Sara posted about here.  In order to win a Lenny, you need to send in your nominations next month!  Every person who nominates will be entered into the drawing!  So pay attention to those blogs and send your nominations to bestbetesblogs @ gmail dot com or on twitter send a DM to @bestbetesblogs!

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  1. surfacefine permalink
    July 2, 2012 11:21 PM

    So glad this list exists. Glad to have opportunity to read so many posts I would otherwise never see. Thanks!

  2. January 1, 2013 11:52 AM

    Belated and *massive* thanks for including one of my posts in this quite humbling list of the great and good of the DOC. Not quite sure how I missed it, but thank you! It means a lot 🙂


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