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When Diabetes & Beauty Don’t Mix & It Doesn’t Ruin the Night

May 21, 2012

Do you remember when I wrote about attending the JDRF After Party?  Well, it was AMAZING!

Getting all dolled up for a gala is fun, until you try to find a place to put your pump.  My new favorite place is in the small of my back in spanks.  It doesn’t move, and since I have the Animas and a remote bolus, I’m good to go for the night.  At least the first time I put it there.  As I was getting dressed, my friend Meghan was zipping me up and putting my pump in place and asked “Does this mean I have to bolus for you tonight too?”  I said “Nope! That’s what remote bolus is all about!”  And she replied in a way that only a best friend with diabetes can: “You bitch.” (She wants the Animas, but at the moment she is unable to get it – thus resulting in jealousy.”

We were volunteering at the gala before attending the after party, and as part of volunteering we would get a fabulous dinner.  At 9.  So we stuffed our faces before leaving the house and as we were getting ready for the guests to arrive, I realized that my blood sugar was rising.  I went off to the volunteer room to test and bolus, but my pump and meter decided this was the moment to not communicate.  Off to the bathroom I went to get these things communicating.  I shimmied up my dress and up & out went the pump site too.  WHAT?! In that instant I pulled my dress back down and back to my volunteer area to try to find a pump site and/or insulin. Because did I mention that I have a fabulous little purse that looked great with my outfit.  But that it’s little.  And by little I mean teeny.  So I had no extra sites (I don’t usually) but especially no humalog pen.  A few people had sites, for Minimeds.  I found someone with humalog though, so I walked into a corner to take a shot.  And as I took that needle out blood was streaming down my leg.  I think I yelped and it’s good that the person who I borrowed the insulin from was still in the room because she ran to get me a napkin.  Later in the night when I had to give myself another shot for dinner + basal + martini bar + dessert bar I was so nervous that I would start gushing again, but I didn’t.  Bad things happen in threes, and I’m glad of that because my numbers were better the rest of the night than they were when I first needed to give myself insulin.

Now to the good stuff:

Meghan & I

A few of the fabulous Boston dia-ladies

Anna & I

YLC members at the after party

Meghan, our camp nurse from when we were single digit years & I

My night was fabulous!  I knew it would be fun, but I didn’t know I would feel so comfortable, so welcomed and so friendly.  It was more than I could’ve hoped for and I’m already ready for next year.  I hope that you are too!

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  1. May 29, 2012 1:32 PM

    Your dress is FABULOUS! It looks great on you 😀


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