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Low, High & Endo

May 9, 2012

On my way into my Joslin appointment last week, I was not looking forward to it.  I knew that my A1C had gone up, and while an A1C is not the ultimate judge of my diabetes life, I am working on lowering it, certainly not raising it.  See, I had a few crazy lows, and I’ve been scared.  I hate being low.  I hate being low, when I’m 70.  Give me half that number and I just never want to see it again.  I’ve seen it too many times this year.  So needless to say I knew that my A1C was up.  It was 8.3.  By the time awesome endo told me though, I wasn’t upset.  She had already flapped her hands as a way to describe the patterns in my sugars.  If you’re wondering what that could possibly mean, it means that there are no patterns.  And of course, in the days before my appointment, I was going low, so we were lowering basals and sensitivity factors.  It seems so odd.  The A1C goes up and I lower the amount of insulin.

We also talked about getting me a Dexcom.  I talked to her about my insurance and my doubts about their approval.  She told me that my records, especially the severe lows, make me the perfect candidate, and that she has a great record of getting insurance companies to agree with her.  So even though I am not happy with where I am, I left there with a smile on my face because I’m hopeful to where I’m headed.

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  1. May 9, 2012 6:33 PM

    Sounds like you and the endo have a plan. And that’s good.
    Crossed fingers that a Dexcom is in your future!

  2. May 11, 2012 6:38 PM

    i know how badly you want that dexcom. i hope that she can get it for you!

    and i hate lows too.


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