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HAWMC: Dear Me

April 10, 2012

Dear 16-year-old-me. Write a letter to yourself at age 16. What would you tell yourself? What would you make your younger self aware of?

Hey there,

Almost 16 year old me

You don’t realize this yet, but your life is about to change.  Your camp friends have been talking about this pump thing for years.  That dumb boy breaking your heart is going to make you realize that this pump thing might not be so bad after all.  And having to call Daddy to bring you insulin to go out to dinner with your friends. This pump thing is going to change your life.  You won’t realize this at first because you’re still always so hungry at your regular meal times.  But those mornings that you sleep until 10AM feel so good.  Embrace them!

You have fabulous plans, and you’re ready to be independent. Please start letting people help.  And if that first person you ask can’t help, ask someone else.  You don’t know what that first person has going on and just because they can’t help doesn’t mean that noone can.  You will end up in places you never imagined, and those places will make you happier than all the places you planned.

You’re going to meet people who have been through what seems like hell to you.  Don’t let them make you feel like diabetes is insignificant.  Just because it’s a different battle, doesn’t mean it isn’t still a battle.

You will be happy.  You will have wonderful friends and things are going to get invented that are going to make you happier than you can even fathom.  You will judge these things (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc) when they first come out, but they will bring you closer to people you never would have met otherwise.

Embrace it all and have fun,

Love me from 10 years later 🙂

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