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HAWMC: To the Doctor

April 9, 2012

My best conversation was with a whole group of people where we covered topics from pregnancy to drinking to that time I called Kerri lost on a street corner.  It’s a “conversation” that just can’t be typed or even recalled in order, so I’m going to a bonus post. 

Best Doctor’s Visit

This is another re-post, but I just have to because it was the moment when I finally felt that I had succeeded on my own.  I’ve been in charge of my diabetes since I got my pump, and it was the first time I felt proud.  I was sad since my nurse was leaving, but the “being proud” overtook my sadness for that day (and my new doctor is just as awesome).  

I AM KICKING DIABETES’ ASS!  Yes, I need to tell you about the whole thing, but first, my A1C is 7.2!  At my last appointment it was 8.1.

I go in and do all the boring things (blood pressure, weight(it went up slightly, but I blame the rain boots and jacket), BG test and blood for A1C) and they take my pump(s) to download them.  (And I hope you didn’t want a waiting room picture because I never was actually in the waiting room.)  When I was done with her, I went to wait in the exam room and I didn’t even time to tweet that I was there before my nurse came in.

She asked how I was, what my basals were, which led to talking about switching pumps and how the meter remote was my deciding factor, waiting for my pumps and their reports to come back and if there was anything else I wanted to talk to her about.  I told her how I had been experiencing a few Celiac symptoms lately (my guess is that it’s been a few weeks) and how on Tuesday I ate gluten free and I did not experience the symptoms.  I wanted to make sure she knew that I was not self-diagnosing, but it was the best way for me to test my theory in such a short period of time, and that I would just like to get tested.  I wasn’t going to need labs today, but I think that is worth knowing.  She informed me that there are also people who are not Celiac, but have a wheat intolerance, so I may just want to cut back.  This is something I have been trying to do, but now I think I just need to focus on it a little bit more.

We continued on and she asked about my feet, so I told her my tingly feet experiences, and she did the metal vibrating tool thing on my big toe and it felt like forever before I could stop feeling.  She said she does not think I have neuropathy, it’s just that when I cross my legs my blood vessels are getting squished causing my feet to feel funny.

And then my pump(s) came back with a ton of print outs and we realized that I’ve been going high before lunch, so we increased my breakfast insulin:carb ratio.  I told her how I was going low post lunch (a time when I’m frequently getting in the car) so I changed my basals without doing a basal test, but I’m not going low anymore.  Tuesday and Wednesday morning I woke up high, but Monday night I was eating a lot and SWAGing, so I didn’t count that as a high BG in the morning, but an unsuccessful SWAG.  She agreed.

And then she said, “let’s check your A1C.”  And she squealed.  ”Are you ready?” as she turned her computer screen to me.  But I couldn’t find the number!  And she told me…”7.2″  And as I stammered through composure and smiling and a whole lot of happiness I heard “Look at what YOU did!!”  (And this statement reminded me of something I think George’s doc would say)  And I managed to tell her I haven’t been this low since before I started college.  If you don’t me well enough and want a reference point, that was 2003.  And then even better, “I hope you’re going to celebrate tonight!”  I don’t know if I squealed or not, but I did when I got back to my car.  And then she told me that this number/drop is even more amazing because it wasn’t achieved because of lots of and/or extreme lows.

And then I had to go back out for labs.  I was standing there waiting with all these other people and they were all looking kinda blah, and I couldn’t help but smile!  I got my blood taken, scheduled my next appointment, and sat down to text my mom.  And then of course share it with all of you. I’m still riding on this high, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself if I tried right now.

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  1. April 9, 2012 7:42 PM

    Loved reading this! You made me smile!! Keep being proud.

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