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HAWMC: Because I Care

April 4, 2012

Before I get into day 4 of HAWMC, I’m writing somewhere else today too.  I’m visiting my dear friend Kerri over at Six Until Me.  And if you’re thinking “oh wow Briley, that’s great,” I must agree with you.  However, my internal motivator is yelling ‘HOLY CRAP YOU’RE WRITING THERE?! IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!”  Either way, please go check it out 🙂

I write about my health because…Reflect on why you write about your health.

I started writing about life with type 1 diabetes because my friend told me that I had the power & words to reach people.  I saved these potential blog posts on my computer and then I did an at home A1C which was far better that the last one I had had, and I thought, well, maybe she’s right?  I wrote every weekday for quite a while, thinking that is what I HAD to do.  I know that I don’t have to write every day, but I like to.  I find it very cathartic to write.  I went from having people who I had known at camp and who I would see every few months or so, to having people I could talk to every day.  Sometimes I need to get my story out.  Sometime I need to be someone else’s shoulder.  No matter what, it feels good to be involved with this worldwide community.  It’s a place to bounce ideas off each other, that is by no means limited by the blog.  I consider “blogging” to include reading others’ blogs, commenting, talking on twitter and building a local community that I can get together with.  I tell my story.  They tell their stories.  At the end of the day we find our similarities and differences and grow.  We end up more knowledgeable and sometimes we wish we weren’t.  In the end, I blog because I care.  I blog because the readers care.  I blog because I get those emails that say “I had a similar situation and I finally understood it when I read your blog.”  I blog because I enjoy writing.  I blog because I’m scared if I don’t I might lose the best family I’m not related to.

If you want to see why other health bloggers do what they do, head on over to the WEGO Health Facebook page.  

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  1. Sara permalink
    April 6, 2012 6:58 PM

    I love that last sentence. It’s the family I would have picked if I had the chance 🙂

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