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Guest Post: 45 Minutes from Insulin

March 20, 2012

Visiting my DOC friend

My dear friend Meredith is guest posting for me today.  In the span of one short year, I’ve talked to her nearly every day and decided to fly across the country to visit her on a whim.  It’s a decision I will always be happy to have made.  She makes me laugh, think & smile all the time and I’m very glad to have her writing here today. 

i never went on spring break when i had diabetes … i was diagnosed at 17, and when i was in college, i worked every spring break (i know, i know. thrilling, right?). but i have gone on a number of vacations since i was diagnosed, and luckily, i’ve only had one incident.

one summer about five years ago, i went on a long weekend trip to the lake. about two hours from home and 45 minutes from any ‘city.’ (as in, that’s how far the closest pharmacy was)
everything was going fine, until the second day, when we came back to the cabin and my pump died. it had an error on the screen, and it said to remove the battery to stop the alarm and call customer support. so i called (on a saturday), and they said they would send me a new pump but i needed to take injections until then. the problem was, it had been a few years since i had taken injections, so i had no long lasting insulin, nor any idea how much to give myself.
so i called the answering service for my endo, and he figured out how much i would need to take, as well as calling in a prescription for the insulin and syringes. someone with us was going into town and offered to pick them up for me, so that was nice and i got my replacement pump the next night when i got home.
but it was weird, that was the first time in about four years that i swam, laid out, ate, did ANYTHING without wearing a pump. i would even reach for it when it was time to eat.
it was one of those things i knew would happen eventually (my pump malfunctioning that is), but i didn’t expect it to happen when i was out of town, hours away from my supplies! thank goodness those incidents are few and far between, and i have been home each time since.
Has anyone else ever had to scramble for insulin or other diabetes paraphernalia?  I can remember not being able to re-attach my pump site while skiing once shortly after I got my pump and FREAKING OUT!  Glad to hear your weekend worked itself out, even with a diabetes hiccup.
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