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That “Big” Scary Number

March 12, 2012

The “spring forward” and “fall back” days have always been my two most dreaded diabetes days of the year.  Since I went on the pump, it hasn’t been nearly as “come along and rip the rug out from under your control,” but it is still never a good day or two following the time change.

This weekend I went up to Sunday River.  I went armed with extra insulin & extra sugar to be prepared for whatever DST was going to throw at me.  What I wasn’t expecting was two fantastic, sunny, perfect days.  We stopped only once both days, and didn’t stop for the day until lunch at 2:30.  Saturday morning I was low (high 60s), so a pack of baby food and I continued on my merry way.  On Saturday afternoon I still felt low, and I was up near 180 mg/dL.  On Sunday morning I woke up near 180 still, but I wasn’t worried because I knew there was another full day of skiing ahead of me.  We were on some of our favorite trails right near the hotel, and I felt low, but I skied through it because I felt the same way I had Saturday afternoon.  It didn’t go away though.  So finally I stopped to test.  (Normally I have time to test in the line before getting on the chairlift, but there were so few people on the mountain Sunday that there were no lines.)  This big two digit number stared me back in the face.  Except it said 36.  Before I could get my baby food out, I just said “I need to go in.”  It made me SO mad.  I just wanted to enjoy the bright sun, bright snow and wonderful family.  We all skied down and my mother and I went into the lodge.  I even put sugar in my coffee on purpose.  I ate my yogurt, drank my coffee, and went back outside and skied for another four hours before calling it quits.  For the rest of the day, I would test as soon as I started to feel “off,” but I kept on going for another four hours and beautiful day.

Goggle Tan day

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  1. mom permalink
    March 12, 2012 3:52 PM

    I think your diabetes control heading into day light savings time and a full week-end of skiing, allowed you to quite successfully deal with the low, and continue skiing with a nice range of numbers. There was no high rebound, or a low that does not quit.
    It is wonderful for Dad, me, aunts and skiing grandparents, to see you deal so efficiently with your diabetes. All of us who cared for you and treated those lows on the slopes in the past, are quite proud of you!


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