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Sick Day Temp Basals

February 28, 2012

My weekend was spent in the mountains again (I know you’re surprised.)  Skiing is one of those activities that I just have not been able to nail down what the best treatment will be.  Some days a temp basal works.  Some days less than a full breakfast bolus works.  Some days I go low.  Some days I go high.  It just is not consistent.  On Friday, I was consistently between 200-250 and I could not figure it out.  When I woke up on Saturday morning with a sore throat, I knew exactly why I couldn’t get my BGs down.  So I did a full bolus for breakfast and no temp basal.  On a normal ski day, this would make me fearful of going low, but it didn’t on Saturday.  When we stopped for a snack, I was still in the 200s, so I did a correction bolus, and raised my basal to 120% for 2 hours.  When we stopped a few hours later, I was still *nice & level* so I upped the basal even more to 140%.  Somewhere along the line it came down.  Of course then I went low.  I woke up on Sunday feeling worse than Saturday & low.  Of course once I treated my low, I stayed in the 200s again.  Onward with the higher temp basals!  The higher temp basals were especially important on Sunday  because there was so much wind that the chairlifts couldn’t run, so the exercise of the day consisted of walking around the hotel.  The higher temp basals worked because somewhere along the line I went low.

I was never one to use higher temp basals when I’m not feeling 100% and my sugars are running high as well.  I know that I’ve seen others talk about this though and I want to thank whoever you are because I know that I would’ve gotten frustrated with the 200s not budging with just correction boluses.  I certainly haven’t mastered the sick day temp basals, but having to cancel them from going low feels better than getting frustrated at the 200s.

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