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Guest Post – The Best

February 6, 2012


My mother is guest posting for me again today.  She has written a few times before, because who better to capture those long ago memories than someone who remembers them accurately?  In case you’d like to see what else she wrote you can check out at Chocolate Cheeks and D-Day.  This post is a follow up to D-Day.

I always tell people that diabetes is the worst and best thing that has happened to you.  The worst because diabetes is a major chronic  disease, that has to be faced and dealt with every minute, hour & day.

The best, because we all ate very healthy meals.  You grew up with beautiful skin & hair, a result of your diet.
The best because you had the best teachers in our town.  Each year we would move into a classroom where the teacher knew about your diabetes and was willing to learn more, be aware, and treat you just like everyone else.  I never had 504 plan or anything like it, & also never had any problems.
The best because your friends became those children from families who were also willing to learn about diabetes care and welcome them into their homes.  For their birthday parties they made sure their cakes were something you could eat as well.
The best because your extended family learned your daily routine so that you did not have to spend all your time at home with us. Who doesn’t love spending time with grandparents & cousins?!
The best because you went to camp.  It should be forever more written like this: CAMP.  Those two weeks every summer gave you a gift that we could not; the freedom to be with friends exactly like you.  Every year you came home with new skills and a refreshed attitude about diabetes.  Then when you were a counselor, you were able to give back to other young children with diabetes, because you KNEW.
The best because whenever we ski, we still like to get out early, take a mid-morning break because Briley needs a snack,  lunch at noon, another snack around 2-3, with one final, glorious run.  Of course now the breaks are more for us old folks.  The tradition is such that children, parents, grandparents & most importantly teenagers, all love meeting for some food, fun & laughter.

The best because diabetes or not, you are who you are.  And you are the best!

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  1. February 6, 2012 3:17 PM


    I don’t know your Mom but she’s amazing. I enjoyed reading her thoughts. The last sentence summed it all up:)

  2. February 6, 2012 8:23 PM

    You obviously take after your mother! What a great lady!!
    You’re a lucky daughter.

  3. February 7, 2012 7:21 PM

    I officially love your mom and her perspective. :] You go, Mama B!

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