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In The Car

February 3, 2012

It seems that so much of life these days is spent in the car.  This can be good, or bad.  What does it mean for those of us with diabetes though?
The other day I went shopping after work.  As I was leaving the mall that all-to-familiar feeling of shakiness came over me.  I got to my car and I was somewhere in the 50s.  So I left only the music on and started chowing down on some sugar.  After a while I tested again and I was STILL low, so temp basal comes out along with more sugar.  Through this time, I was texting, twitter-ing, reading, etc.  I wasn’t bothering anyone (except for myself).  A woman came out to the car next to me and she gave quite the dirty look as she got in her car.  I don’t know WHY she gave me this look, but it INFURIATED me.  (My emotions get exaggerated when I’m low; anyone else?)  I just wanted to open my door and yell at her “Look lady!  I have T1 diabetes and my blood sugar is low!  The last thing I want to be doing right now is sitting in this parking lot, but the last thing you want me to do is drive this car!”  At which point she would either call security or be all nice to me and feel guilty.  Of course, none of this conversation actually happened because she was gone before I came up with it.  Sometimes these things happen and we just have to deal!
This morning I ran into CVS to get new batteries for my pump and when I got back to the car I change the battery.  It would be too easy for my pump to realize that there IS still insulin in there.  So I get a “pump not primed for delivery screen.” *GrumbleGrumbleGrumble* goes me because my site is in my leg.  I first stick my hand down my pants, but that doesn’t work so I have to unbutton them and pull them a little down.  At which point someone pulls in RIGHT next to me.  I get my pump all primed and ready to go, go to hook back up and I can’t connect the tubing to my site.  As in, I look ridiculous with my hand fishing around in my pants.  I finally figure it out after multiple attempts.  And by the time I’m done I realize I probably completely embarrassed myself.  Except I’ll think about that on another day because now I’m getting out of here before anyone questions me about what just happened.

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