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January 19, 2012

It all started during the stressful activity known as shopping.  With my mother begging “please! get a new purse.” (The old one was pretty nasty at this point.)  And I found one.  An “oh so cute and oh it fits my personality perfect” purse.  And then I switched over and my beloved meter case + wallet no longer fit in my purse!  Or at least not in a way that still made the purse look good.  So now I’m on a mission to find a new not black case.  And I go through all the blogs that have done giveaways or promotions or just written about meter cases.  But I just couldn’t find one that I liked.  And  then I happened on skidaddle.  It wasn’t too big.  And it wasn’t too small.  And it wasn’t young looking (c’mon, I’m a nanny, I need professional looking things to make me look, you know, professional.)    It came in the mail and I fell in love.  And so has every other person who has ever seen it. Even this whole crowd.  (Yes, clearly I’ve been slacking on the blog writing if I’ve had it since October.)  It fits what I carry with me perfectly and it’s cute.  There’s an insulated pouch too!  Take a peek:

It’s filled with all my D supplies too 🙂

Two meters, Two vials of test strips, pen tip, pen, one poker & lots o’ used strips

The insulated pocket

She has lots of other products, so I would highly suggest checking them out!!  Also, I bought this with my own money, and it was a little more expensive than I would’ve liked, but I’ve fallen in love with & it sustains all the injuries diabetes has thrown at it, so I’d say it has been well worth the money.  Also, there is no obligation for me to write about this product, but I love it & feel it needs to get out there!

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