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Not a firstworldproblem

January 12, 2012

In an era of #firstworldproblem, a lot of complaining gets done.  So imagine my surprise when I was sitting in my living room with my roommates, but paying attention to my phone, when I hear “diabetes is a first world problem.”  In an effort to not jump & attack, I yelled “hey!”  And they laughed.  So I spieled.  (Here’s an overview:)
–  There are multiple types of diabetes, no one caused by one single thing.
– No one asked to have this disease and everyone cares for it in a way that best benefits them.
Big Blue Test

I don’t know if they did ever watch the Big Blue Test video, but I sure hope so.  No one wants chance to advocate, but sometimes they happen when you’re most trying to ignore the world.

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  1. January 13, 2012 1:19 AM

    Wow. I feel bad for the limited perspectives of your roommates. I hope they can watch the Life for a Child video and realize that some families have to make the decision between feeding their families and providing medication for one child. Or that the only food they can afford to feed the family is rice and they know that is not good for their child. Or families that feel a sort of relief when their child with diabetes passes away because it was such a drain on the family resources.

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