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January 3, 2012

Back in the day, skiing had to have a snack schedule.  All because of MDI.  And even though skiing doesn’t HAVE to have a snack schedule anymore, we still generally stop.  Although we try to do less stops so that we’re in the lodges while the crowds are not.  Now we stop to fuel up, warm up, and enjoy a warm beverage.  There was one day when everyone got out on the mountain at different times, but a few of us needed a break.  We stopped in our favorite lodge, put our wet/cold clothes on the heater and enjoyed our coffee/tea/hot chocolate.  All was well and we got back on the mountain.  We went in for lunch and I went to test and I only had 2/3 of my essential pieces.  Meter and strips were there, but poker was gone.  I emptied every pocket, but it was no where to be found.  I’m sure it was found somewhere in the original lodge, but we weren’t in that lodge.  My aunt who had decided she wasn’t going out after lunch graciously went into town and bought one for me. I had to think of the technical name (in case you’re wondering, they’re called lancing devices).  She even got the one that I use, making my fingers never know the difference (besides the new lancet).

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