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The Sweet Life

December 8, 2011

My mom and I took part in Black Friday and our last stop was Barnes & Noble.  As I was walking from the kids section to the novels where my mother was, I had to pass the cookbook section.  And the first labeled section I saw was “diabetic cookbooks.”  And I instantly stopped in my tracks full of a sincere dislike.  My experience with “diabetic cookbooks” has always been other people limiting me in what I should eat.  Until I saw some guy’s face who I thought looked familiar.  I remember when Jacquie wrote about him and I was all “who?” (I’m not a food-TV watcher).  And then everyone at FFL was gushing over him, but I still had no idea what to think.  I opened the book to I think the breakfast section and knew that I had to get it.  We got home and I collapsed in front of the fire reading The Sweet Life. And I kept reading and reading and reading.  In no time at all I was finished the book and I wanted to make something.  Later that weekend I decided on the Lemon-Basil Roast Chicken.  I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before & used to think that it was not necessary.  Also, all of my ingredients weren’t fresh because I knew they would get thrown away otherwise.  But holy deliciousness.  I just want to make more and more and more.  (But roasting a chicken when you cook for yourself is a little wasteful, plus I need to try some others.)

I have to say that it’s not like most of the other cookbooks I own.  I tend to gravitate towards ingredients I am familiar with, and some of these I am and others I am not.  Also, I have a fear of cooking seafood myself, so I’m not quite sure if this is the perfect book for me, but someday when I’m ready, it will be!  Also, this book has carb counts for every dish.  I know that there are websites out there to use to figure out carb counts, but I’m more of a guesser myself.  So having the carb counts already in the book: hello amazing.  Also, he seems very real, just happens to have this amazing talent of cooking.  It’s also very evident that he’s organized.  Really organized.  Me?  I’m not that type of person, but maybe someday I’ll be able to get some inspiration.

My only critique.  There’s one section where he talks about supplies and storage.  His “keystone” strips are in the bathroom.  My guess is that it got auto-corrected and then people overlooked it because it is very similar.  But I do wonder how those keystone strips work? (It made me laugh)

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  1. December 8, 2011 5:06 PM

    Clearly, “Keystone” strips are for when you’ve had a night of drinking disgusting light beer and need to check to see if you’ve hit your limit.

    I asked for this cookbook for Christmas. I’m a little intimidated, but excited!

  2. December 12, 2011 6:37 PM

    I loved his cooking presentation at FFL, but wasn’t sure if I’d like the cookbook because he used a lot of fancy ingredients (meaning I’m way too picky to eat his recipes). But that chicken sounds so good – maybe I should rethink things. After all, I’m pretty good at substituting or leaving out ingredients I don’t like.

    Glad to hear they put carb counts with the recipes. I remember he asked us if any of us use “exchanges”, because the publishers wanted to put exchange info on everything. We said we all use carb counts instead – glad they listened!!

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