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November 18, 2011

Decompressing from a Disney trip takes a while.  Especially when you’re trying to write words to match the pictures.
Blue Chair for Blue Friday

When I asked Girl Genius what her favorite part of the trip was, this is what she told me. “Remember those seals? They had those funny names [Seymour & Clyde] and they saileded on that boat and then the HUGE seal [walrus] found the treasure.”

There were so many giggles when he started to wiggle his butt

Sea World was an amazing day(Saturday).  It has always been one of my favorites, and I was so happy to go back.  We also saw baby dolphins, polar bear, beluga whale, penguins and roller coasters.  And lots and lots of walking.  So at lunch I had regular iced tea.  And didn’t bolus.  And didn’t go high or low 🙂

Yes, they are already decorated for Christmas
A Gorgeous Day (and the only photo I took there)

As with every other day, there was tons of walking.  And by the time we made it to Thunder Mountain I was low.  I grabbed my handy mangos and sucked them down.  Mom Genius offered to stay back with me, but I didn’t let it stop me.  Of course, I was still low when I got off the ride.  We didn’t get to go around the worlds, but the kids did get to play in the innovations area.  Girl Genius fell asleep in the car ride home; Boy Genius stayed with family friends for the fireworks, and I enjoyed the most delicious room service I’ve ever seen.

And for #WDD, we went to Universal: Islands of Adventure.  Here are the pictures of our blue from the day.
This blue bow was worn proudly :)Ignore how tired I look please
Most of our time at Universal was spent in Suess-Land.  We also “wandered” over to Harry Potter.  Which. Was. Incredible.  Even if you’re not tall enough to go on the ride, the whole atmosphere is amazing.  And if you feel a low coming on, get in line for Butterbeer.  It’s so delicious and so sweet.  As soon as Mom Genius took a sip she handed it to me and said “too bad you’re not low, this would be perfect.”  The ride.  The ride was INCREDIBLE.  So real and so life like.  (Some parts were a little too real).

This was a really funny, adorable ride 

What better way to finish off the day and celebrate World Diabetes Day with a delicious dinner with the kids and a fabulously bolus-worthy dessert.
Caramel, Bananas, Ice Cream

Yes, I was working.  And tracking kids in the midst of crowds can be very exhausting.  But I have to say thank you for this AMAZING experience.  I don’t know how I came to be this lucky, but I certainly am grateful for it.

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