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A Wedding, Old Friends & Diabetes

October 13, 2011

You know what’s fun about weddings?  “I haven’t seen you since you were thiiiiiiiiis big.”  And the longer the “this” goes on, the younger you were.
On the flip side is seeing people I hadn’t seen in forever too, but still feeling like I know them the way I did 10-15 years ago.  I was lucky enough to be sitting with the bride’s siblings who I know just as well as her.  There’s C, B & M.  B & I are the same age, but him being the only boy, we were never close.  And as we were waiting to go eat B says “my blood sugar is low waiting for this food.”  Normally I hate it when people without diabetes say this, but I also don’t usually have the courage to call them out.  (B is also EXTREMELY smart, so being able to call him out on something was a once in a lifetime opportunity.)  So I turn and say “if my blood sugar isn’t low, then yours isn’t low.”  For a brief moment I got a “what are you talking about face,”  and then it registered that I have diabetes.  “I forgot that you have diabetes.”  It was so amazing to hear that.  For me it’s impossible to forget that I have diabetes, and then I went on to explain the pump without being able to show it (it was hiding in my dress).  The night went on without incident, and the food was delicious.  And the dancing was more than fun.  And the cake was amazing.  But the combo of dancing plus cake meant that I didn’t need to bolus, so the cake was EVEN better.  (I’m a diabetes dork through and through).

with the beautiful bride

with a Maid of Honor

The beautiful husband & wife with the cake that kept me from going low

We went back for breakfast in the morning, where we talked about how we used to eat cereal straight out of the box (remember those boxes that opened into a bowl?), and how we all need to ski again, and how we just plain old need to get together more often.

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  1. October 13, 2011 5:04 PM

    I LOVE when people forget I have diabetes. It seems like it should be insulting, but it makes me feel awesome. Also, so pretty!

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