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Bolus-Worthy Bonfire

September 19, 2011

So one of the things I love about growing up where I grew up is the constant need & space for bonfires.  So this weekend, we had one.  As mom was trying to figure out what we should eat (she was thinking meal, I was thinking dessert), I said dough-boys!  So we planned all our meal food around the fact that we were eating dough-boys.  Don’t know what a dough-boy is?  Mmmm, so bolus worthy.  (We used to use breadsticks, now we use crescent rolls because they take less time to cook.)  Find a dowel and wrap your delicious crescent roll around it, making sure it covers the top and that there are no holes (this is important later).   Hold it over the fire (not IN the fire), and rotate so that all sides cook evenly.  (This can be hard to determine if it’s dark out.)  You will know it’s done because it will slide right off the dowel (and also your fingers may be a little surprised that you’re touching something with such a high temperature).  And then you fill it.  Now my father, a.k.a. Mr. Boring when it comes to sweet foods, likes to put butter in his.  But pudding, or peanuts, or apple pie filling or cool whip, or, or, or.  You get the idea.  And then you eat this deliciously warm treat.  We haven’t had dough-boys in YEARS, so I opted to have two this time.  Filling them with pudding & peanuts (together).
And I cranked that bolus up.  And I savored the moment.  And then.  Then I felt low.  And shaky.  And I was in the 50s.  So I ate more pudding.  Except that then I was in the 40s.  So I grabbed 2 juice boxes.  And then I was in the 30s.  Pump off, and 2 more juice boxes.  And then I was in the 80s.  And I think I still grabbed some tabs.  And diabetes, this is what I have to say to you: you ruined a perfectly happy Briley with bolus-worthy treats when you made me over-bolus and then be low for what felt like forever.  Next time, just give me my bolus-worthy treats & insulin & NOTHING ELSE.

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