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Road Race Prep

September 15, 2011

In the process of moving, all of my glucose got put somewhere “safe.”  Well the problem with that is that now I can’t find them.  I have the bottles, just not the tubes though.  And as my mom and I were getting ready to leave for the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day race on Saturday, I knew we had to stop.  We stopped and I picked up two tubes of tabs.  And then proceeded to open one so that if I needed it, there would be no problems during the race.  Except that the perforated plastic wasn’t so perforated and it was jagged and all over the place and I knew that my skin would NOT be happy.  (Sidenote, my uncle owns the bar, so I get treated pretty darn well every time I’m there.)  I asked the bartender if he had any scissors, but he told me that the people near the balloons probably had some.  They didn’t, but grabbed a knife and began working on the tube.  We got in a little discussion about it, and I had to get all the plastic off.  This tube had all the nutrition information on the plastic as well, so I needed all of that off.  One of the women told me it was fine and that I could already open it.  And that’s when I had to explain where I hold it while I run.  One of the men said, “Wow.  I love making smart-a$$ comments, but I got nothing.”  And the other women there said, “I hope you don’t need all this glucose during a 3 mile race.”  And that’s when my heart gave a smile because there was no “what is this?” or “what do you need that for?” or “huh?”  There was just knowledge.  I explained that no, I shouldn’t, but I need to be prepared for anything, and how if the tube isn’t full, the bouncing of the tabs drives me nuts.  The shy part of me was mortified about having a conversation about things stashed in a sports bra, but the diabetes blogger in me was really excited about this discussion and how easy it was.  And the best part: I didn’t need ANY tabs during the race.

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