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In a Matter of Minutes

August 19, 2011

As the kids and I were on our way home from the grocery store this week, I started to feel it.  The heat, the weakness, the shakiness, the dizziness, not being able to see clearly.  What I like to call an “all symptom low.”  When we left, my BG was in the 90s (and the store is about 5 minutes away.)  It was tolerable that last road, but as soon as I put the car in park I NEEDED sugar.  Luckily I have juice boxes on my passenger seat.  I sucked one down and ignored the squeals from the backseat enhancing my headache.  We got the groceries, got inside and I sat down on the bench right inside the door.  Luckily Dad Genius had gone to the bookstore that morning, and the kids each had a book/workbook that there noses were in.  I tested and I was 56, ate some tabs and willed myself to not eat anything else.  I talked to my mom, and eventually I was in the 90s, and surprisingly didn’t still feel low either.  The number may not have been one of my lowest, but all-symptom lows definitely feel the worst.

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